Cooling Your Overheated Greenhouse

Published: 01st September 2006
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The main purpose of a greenhouse is to create an environment that is warm and humid enough for the plants inside to grow well and remain healthy. Unfortunately, during really hot seasons, too much heat inside the greenhouse will cause a lot of harm to your plants. One of your main goals in your greenhouse gardening should be to ensure that your greenhouse is not getting too hot and causing stress on the plants. You can recognize the warning signs of excessive heat when plants begin to wilt, regardless of ample watering, or fail to grow healthy fruit.

To make sure that the problem as actually heat and not some other factor, it is a good idea to do a little research first of all, to ask a professional or search online to find out the optimum temperature for your plants to grow in. You should also install a thermometer in your greenhouse verify out how hot your greenhouse actually gets during the day. If you find your greenhouse is getting too hot for your plants to flourish, you will need to work on cooling the greenhouse down.

Shade Cloths
The easiest way to lower the temperature of your greenhouse is to use a simple shade cloth. Shade cloths can be easily found at any local nursery or online. They work by preventing some of the sun's rays from entering the greenhouse which, obviously, is the greatest source of heat inside the greenhouse. It is typical to use a shade cloth in the hottest months of June to August when plenty of sun light exists for your plants. Be sure to research the needs of your plants because some plants may require as much light as possible, making a shade cloth a problem rather than a solution.

Evaporative Coolers
Some areas in the United States are simply too hot and require more than a simple shade cloth to make sure that the temperature inside your greenhouse is cool enough for your plants to survive. In such circumstances, you may want to invest in a portable evaporative cooler to lower the temperature of the greenhouse. Evaporative coolers allow heat to leave the greenhouse and can help keep the air moist in hot, dry climates. If you happen to live in an exceptionally hot area, an evaporative cooler may be the best solution for your plants and your overheated greenhouse.

Ventilation is crucial for a greenhouse to function properly, especially during the hot summer months. Ventilation helps the productivity of your greenhouse in many ways. Most importantly, proper ventilation will evenly disperse the heat throughout the greenhouse and will allow excess heat to naturally escape. Exhaust fans can drastically help regulate greenhouse temperature by forcing stale air out, which allows fresh air to flow in. The best way to properly ventilate your greenhouse is to use a combination of both vents and exhaust fans. Circulation fans should be used for approximately every eight feet of greenhouse space. During summer months, be sure to keep your vents open all the time to let hot air to escape during the cooler nights. Place exhaust fans in the roof (if possible) of the greenhouse opposite the door because this is where the greatest amount of hot, stale air will collect.

Ventilation will also help your greenhouse plants to photosynthesize because it brings plenty of fresh air in contact with their leaves. Also, proper ventilation can help prevent pest infestations by keeping the air clean and by removing excess moisture from the greenhouse. Lastly, ventilation encourages the important process of pollination among the plants by circulating the air and allowing pollen to move freely from one plant to another.

When you apply the necessary steps to keep your greenhouse the correct temperature for your plants, you will get the most out of your greenhouse gardening experience. Be sure to research the needs of your plants and make sure they are given enough sunlight and warmth. Pay close attention to the temperature of your greenhouse. Use shade cloths and evaporative coolers if necessary, and create proper ventilation in your greenhouse so your plants may flourish. Taking these measures will allow you to be able to enjoy the beauty of healthy plants and reap the benefits of a prosperous harvest.

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