Picking the right grip size for your tennis racquet.

Published: 03rd September 2006
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Choosing the right grip size for your racquet depends mostly on hand size but also on strength, style, and other factors. It is important that you choose the right size grip or you may end up with an uncomfortable racquet which can not only hurt your game, but can cause injury.

You might feel more comfortable with a smaller grip if you're used to a racquetball racquet or badminton racquet, but you should choose a larger grip for tennis racquets. Grips that are too small may cause all sorts of injuries in the wrist and elbow. On the other hand, racquets with a grip that are too large will most likely be hard to keep a hold of which make you squeeze the grip tighter. That will put extra tension on your arm preventing a relaxed swing and will also tire your hand and arm out much quicker.

Grip sizes for adult racquets start from 4" and go up to 4 3/4". The normal sizes are 4", 4 1/8", 4 1/4", 4 3/8", 4 1/2", 4 5/8", and 4 3/4". The Junior racquets sizes are from 3 5/8" to 4" and in some cases to 4 1/8". You can use a ruler to find out what grip size is best for your hand. Your correct grip size is basically the distance from the tip of your ring finger to the farthest main vertical line in your hand. This is just a way to get an idea of what size tennis racquet grips you should use but should not be used to make the decision.

A better way to determine the correct grip size is to measure it while holding the racquet. Hold the racquet with one hand and slide the index finger of the other hand in between the tips of your fingers and the base of your palm. If there is not enough room for the index finger between the fingers and palm, the racquet is too small. If there is extra space, the grip is too large. If the index finger fits perfectly, you have found the correct grip size for you. You can always add grip tape to make it bigger by , so it's a good idea to buy a little smaller than bigger. However, don't buy too small because building up the grip more than one size will make it rounder and you will not feel the grip shape.

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